Planning To Own 2014

1 Jan


I miss blogging and being able to read back on memories we’ve made as a family. So one if this years goals is to blog more and have a space for us to remember all the things we as a family have experienced. To be honest, it’s more for me than for the readers >insert wink

Cannot wait to see what awaits in the new year and all I keep thinking is 2014 will be amazing because I will choose a positive outlook.
Choose to love the life God has blessed me with. Choosing to write the pages of my own story with care, love, kindness, and determination to become who God wills me to be. Lots of changes await our family in the next few years and I look forward to getting started now. Yes I may keep restarting my goals of wanting to get fit and healthy but at least I haven’t given up of myself. That’s the secret to success, is it not? Not giving up, having the determination to see things through. The road will be bumpy, may even have huge to holes, but it’s up to me to patch up those detours and continue to live life to the fullest allowing myself the grace to fail only to get up and start over. I will not give up on myself nor my family. Time to be bold. Time for change within. Time to own 2014.



2013 Color Me Rad 5K

6 May

Ahhh completed the 5k Color Me Rad run today and felt awesome!! A group of ladies from PWOC and I went and each did our own thing following up our personal bests with a nice party of color bombs and good music.

Now I am not gonna lie, I fell two minutes into the race but got up brushed it off a bit and continue to run. I know my new year resolution was to run the whole thing but with a broken toe, hurt knee and ankle it make it a bit hard to train for this run so I did what I could. To be fair I did better than I thought so that definitely has me pumped and motivated to do more! I forgot how awesome a group of runners can be! Each encourages the other and everyone who attends is there to enjoy the same common joy: running and fitness.

IF you’ve never done a race while having random people throw color bombs at you, you are missing out! Can’t wait for next year to come so I can take the kids and hubs along with me and make it a family event.

Here are a few shots from the race, courtesy of JBH and AM, thanks ladies!!!


Group Photo – Before


…and After!

At the Finish Line!

At the Finish Line!

L, Myself, and JB

L, Myself, and JB

Enjoying it All

Enjoying it All

Me and AG

Me and AG

Yeah We are pretty RaD!! 

First Quarter Report

2 Apr

Four month into the 2013 and not a single post! Shame on me… I need to get back into the habit of posting here because honestly, when I go back and re-read some of the stuff the kids have done I find myself smiling at the little details I would have otherwise forgotten.

So much has already happened this year… Luke has been tested for his speech and was found that he was on par for speaking but a few months behind on understanding. We are to go back at the end of this summer to have him reevaluated. Of course during the evaluation we were given some very useful ideas on how to get him to speak more, things we simply overlooked. Since implementing the suggestions given to us he really has furthered his word count but still lacks in sentence structure, at least to me he does. Best part is L has become such a cuddle bug and this momma just adores all the snuggles and kisses I get from him. He still pays hard to get when it comes to dada but we think it is a game he likes to play with his daddy.

Dak has been amazing at school and has been elected next years Honor Society’s president!! We are of course proud but also know that it was ALL him and his hard work! He has applied to the Naval Academy’s summer internship and we should find out in the next few weeks if he gets accepted or not. I am praying that whatever happens it does so on God’s terms now ours.

Eva has blossomed into the sweet girl I never knew I wanted… She is a dream daughter to have. She is sweet, sensitive, helpful, bossy, funny, demanding and currently obsessed with learning new things. I love this age!! Since she has started Cubbies (AWANA), her heart is on fire for Christ! It is so much fun watching her learns a verse a week!!

Hubs and I have been attending a marriage bible study while E is in Cubbies and we have truly been blessed by the various studies we have completed. Since September 2012, we have completed three different studies and each has thought us something new to add to our marriage. I love how each of us is changing to become what the other one needs and we are no longer waiting for the other to change for us. God is so amazing!!

My diagnosis of Hypothyroidism has had its difficulties. According to my blood work, the meds are where they need to be and seem to be working. However, I feel I may need a slightly higher dosage so we are waiting to see what the next set of blood work indicates. My doctor wanted to have a clear picture with the new diagnosis and requested some ultrasounds. The results of the ultrasounds showed I had many nodules, which is quite normal, but 2 in particular has some questionable growth on them, one of which was 1.32cm in size. Based on the second opinion I went in for if it reaches larger than 1.5cm they will simply remove it and the growth on it won’t matter. We simply have to wait an additional six months from the ultrasound date to redo them and go from there. The wait and see would normally bother me but since I have full trust in God and his plans for me I am being patient to see what the future holds. There are times when I wonder if I should worry more or look at my neck to see if I can feel it but then I make an effort to stop before I freak myself out. I have gained an incredible amount of weight and while it continuously bothers me, I know my heart is beautiful and that when I am able I will shed the pounds.

I finally finished the last required class for my AA degree and should have my degree come May. I’ve already applied and have been accepted to Liberty University, a Christian university, and am so excited to start as soon as my financial aid is approved!

I have made a few friends since being here and it’s been a great time for God and I to grow closer without any distractions pulling me away. I have completed a few studies, one of which I was able to co-lead in PWOC and let me tell you it was a huge blessing! I have changed in too many ways to list but overall I feel I am a happier, more fulfilled person than I was last year. A few more months and there is talk of me weaning off my depression meds – HOORAY!!

The Bellz 2013

The Bellz 2013

This was just a quick update…hoping I can update this blog at least weekly so you all can continue to keep up with the Bellz.

Love to all,